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Taking care of your health: good practices to follow!


Jan 21, 2023
Taking care of your health

Health is certainly the most precious asset we possess. It conditions our lives. It’s usually when you lose it that you realize how essential it is .

How to take care of it and keep it? What are the practices to follow? How can we support you in this process?

On the occasion of World Health Day, let’s take a look back at what it means to be healthy and how to stay that way.

Health, your most precious asset

Since Antiquity and Hippocrates, health has been a matter taken seriously by men.

It is also a tradition, on the occasion of the new year, to wish each other “good health”.

But what is health?

Here is the definition ofOMS “Health is a state of complete well-being, physical, mental and social, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”.

We mistakenly think that the absence of disease or physical ailments is a sign of good health.

It does not only depend on your physical state, but also on your mental state and your environment .

For example, you may consider yourself to be healthy because you have no symptoms. But if you are sedentary, if you have difficulty falling asleep or if you live in a very polluted city: you are not necessarily!

Being in good health also means having easy access to care andbasic vaccinesagainst serious illnesses . This is the case for people in developed countries.

To know if you are in good health , you must listen to your body (and your mind) on a daily basis.

You can refer to simple indicators:

Your weight is stable (neither too high nor too low)

You eat your fill (neither too much nor too little)

You are not (too) sedentary

You sleep well

You don’t smoke

You do not have major worries that generate stress

If you do not tick all the boxes, then you can try to modify certain lifestyle habits.

 Healthy living: the condition of your good health!

Hypertension, obesity ordiabetesare diseases that affect more developed countries because of too rich a diet and a sedentary lifestyle.

 A healthy lifestyle can protect you from certain diseases and prolong your life expectancy.

Food is one of the pillars of the proper functioning of the human body. It is a vital need.

Hippocrates even considered that food is medicine for humans.  “Let your food be your medicine and let your medicine be your food  ”.

For it to work well, your body needs a variety of foods and water.

 is not a question of depriving yourself, but of eating your fill, in reasonable quantities.

A good diet and regular physical activity contribute to restful sleep and good morale. Two important criteria for health.

 If you feel that something is wrong, do not hesitate and consult your doctor.

 He will be able to carry out a complete assessment and eliminate any serious pathology.

You feel depressed and alone

You need to take any of these symptoms seriously. They are a sign that your body is working less well.

Consult and get tested even when everything is fine!

You have no particular symptoms and you feel well? It is nevertheless advisable to consult your doctor and specialists every year to carry out a health check-up.

Some illnesses are silent, hence the importance of being monitored regularly to preserve one’s health.

Every year, health authorities recommend:

Consult your attending physician

Perform a blood test

Go to the dentist for a scaling

Consult your gynecologist if you are a woman.

In addition to these annual appointments, screening is to be taken very seriously . The earlier a disease is diagnosed, the greater the chances of recovery.

We talk about it regularly here, but here is a reminder of the regular screenings to be carried out:

Your health depends on many criteria such as your diet, your physical activity, the regular screenings you carry out, but also your quality of life in the broad sense.

It also depends on us, your Mutual, and has done so for more than 70 years.

This is why, on a daily basis, we are committed to facilitating your access to healthcare by reimbursing your healthcare costs.

But we go further. We are keen to include our action in a preventive approach. We are committed to your health, throughout your life.

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