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Quick weight loss in 5 tips


Jan 21, 2023

Everyone dreams of finding THE technique for rapid and effective weight loss. This article is a summary of 5 methods that I have been using for almost 20 years to get my clients back in top shape in record time. With over 150 podiums in fitness and bodybuilding, I have been able to put many of these methods to the test. Here are the ones that gave me the best results in terms of results-time !

Tip 1 for rapid weight loss

I would say that at least 80% of the results are attributable to diet. You can run, jump, sweat as much as you want. If you eat two pogos and a poutine when you leave the gym, say goodbye to the results! “When we consider the astronomical consumption of sugar and trans fats that we consume, we are not surprised to see the statistics show that nearly 30% of Americans are obese! (jama 2003). A good place to start is to divide your food intake the way popularized by Dr. Barry Sears, author of the bestselling  The Zone . According to him, the best ratio would be: 40% carbohydrates , 30% protein and 30% fat .

A simple way to calculate ideal calorie intake is to multiply each pound of body weight by 10 — if you have less than 30 pounds to lose — and by 8 if you have more than 30 pounds to lose. For example, in the case of a person weighing 200 pounds and wanting to lose 40, we would calculate 200 x 8 = 1600 kcal per day to ingestThe other half should be split between lean and starchy meats. That said, having a nutrition expert to guide you is an excellent investment for achieving rapid weight loss!

Tip 2 for rapid weight loss

It is imperative to set a goal (ideal weight, percentage of adiposity, waist circumference, etc.), but it is absolutely necessary that there is a defined deadline. Without a deadline, we go on a trip without an itinerary and we cannot predict where it will all end. Chance and procrastination are the worst enemies of weight loss results. For my part, with my athlete clients whose competition dates are very specific, there is no problem. With Monsieur and Madame Tout-le-Monde, it’s different. You have to find something tangible: a trip, a photo shoot, a challenge such as a 10 km race, etc.

Tip 3 for rapid weight loss

I have noticed 20% faster results in my clients who train 4 times a week compared to those who train 3 times. For my clients who opt for 6 workouts per week, it’s 50% more performance. I explain this difference to myself by the increase in metabolism caused by frequent and intense muscle training. However, to obtain the maximum results without risking overtraining, it is ideally necessary to opt for sessions of maximum 1 hour. For beginners, 3 sessions per week are enough for the first 4 to 6 weeks. Then I increase by 1 session for 2 additional weeks and so on, until I reach 6 sessions per week.

Finally, day 7 is for the most complete rest possible. Recovery is a crucial factor for rapid weight loss. Usually, with a frequency of 6 workouts per week, my clients lose an average of 30 pounds of fat in 12 weeks. 30 pounds less butter, can you imagine?!

Tip 4 for rapid weight loss

When you wake up, your blood sugar is at a relatively low level. When awake, your adrenals kick in and produce cortisol ( stress hormone ). This environment is conducive for your body to draw on your fat stores for energy. 15-20 minutes of intense cardiovascular exercise ( HIIT ) every other morning encourages rapid weight loss for my clients by 15-20%. Compared to a 30 minute period of cardio at any other time of the day. Again, practice trumps theory, because if you look at the scientific literature on doing cardio on an empty stomach, you won’t read any benefit. However, in fact, it is very effective!

Why in the morning?

First, training early in the morning offers the opportunity to do a second session later in the day. Then, the stimulation of the adrenal glands caused by a training session on getting up speeds up the metabolism for a good part of the day and thus helps to restore a normal cortisol secretion curve . this method is not ideal for you. Finally, the awakening effect caused by this type of training increases motivation and the feeling of well-being in my clients.

Young intermittent-intermittent fasting

If you are in the advanced process of weight loss, your fat percentage is close to your goal and you decide to push the machine a little further, I advise you to take a BCAA supplement during your morning cardio training to avoid damage to muscle tissue. Although unlikely, it is a possible phenomenon. 17g of BCAAs diluted in 500ml of lemon water will help prevent muscle catabolism .

Tip 5 for rapid weight loss

When I see my clients at least once a week, 62% of them succeed in achieving their rapid weight loss goals, compared to 5% of clients who only take one and only consultation. It is obvious that an individual who has accumulated significant excess weight over the years will have great difficulty overcoming all the trials that will arise in front of him during this long and painful process.

Team up with a professional who will motivate you, who will inform you. A training program and an adapted diet are essential to your success. Over time, your trainer will be able to readjust all the parameters necessary to achieve your goals. Take notes, keep a workout and nutrition book, and you’ll have things to discuss with your trainer. To prevent your fitness dream from becoming a nightmare, team up! Take advantage of the experience of a qualified trainer to find the lost form or obtain the one you always wanted.

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