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How to restart weight loss in case of stagnation?


Jan 21, 2023

When you embark on a diet to lose weight , the first pounds generally fly away very quickly. But when you reach a certain number on the scale, nothing seems to work anymore. What is going on ? How to overcome this phase of stagnation?   We have good news for you: a small change in your food and/or sports routine can help you get back on track, towards your ideal weight. Here are our tips for unblocking the situation.

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If there’s one piece of advice any health care professional should give anyone on a diet, it’s to not become a scale obsessive . Indeed, if you scrutinize your scale too much, check your weight every day, even several times a day, you quickly become obsessed with the number displayed on it. Focusing on your weight won’t help you shed pounds faster . To move forward in your slimming program, you must therefore know how to let go of the scales a little, because the more something obsesses you, the more it may seem inaccessible.

Moreover, the weight displayed

on the scale is far from being the most important indicator in your weight loss . It is best to look at indicators such as fat mass , muscle mass or water mass , which will allow you to better understand your weight . Because, in many cases, the weight stagnates but in reality, the fat mass melts and the muscle mass increases considerably . We can never repeat it enough but muscle weighs more than fat …

Another indicator to follow, more interesting than the weight itself, are your measurements  : waist circumference, thigh circumference, hip circumference, calf circumference, arm circumference, chest circumference… Because sometimes, when the weight stagnates, these measures evolve. It can lift your spirits and boost your motivation to keep trying .

Stop counting calories

Moreover, the same goes for those who constantly count the calories of food ingested: you risk falling into an infernal and unlivable spiral that will make any food rebalancing unbearable in the long term.

In this regard, the Croq’Kilos program teaches you how to eat healthily, while listening to your body’s needs, and helps you to play down weight loss . Thanks to this program, you do n’t even have to keep a food diary or think for hours about the composition of your menus for the week, because evrything is turnkey according to your dietary restrictions. You don’t like a menu? All it takes is one click for Croq’Kilos to offer you a new one!

Vary your workouts

Many people looking to lose weight focus on cardio first because it burns the most calories. However, you should know that during a cardio workout, such as running, you mainly lose carbohydrates . That means you’ll crave twice as much pasta when you come out of your workout…

So, rather than doing cardio galore, it is better to opt twice a week for a weight training session . You may not lose weight as quickly, but this type of training will promote fat loss and firm your body for the long haul . Another great bonus: the more muscular your body, the more your basal metabolism increases and the more calories it burns, even at rest .

Finally, last advice, know that your body gets used to a regularly repeated effort from 12 weeks . Because of this, we recommend that you change the way you exercise every three months . Accustomed to running twice 10km per week? Swap one of your outings for a split. Are your weight training sessions focused on strength? Switch to weight training sessions that are lighter, faster and therefore more cardio than usual. Do you follow a fitness program on Croq’Body  ? It’s time to change program or level, to discover new exercises and a new rhythm.

If you tend to feel cravings at 11 a.m. and/or around 4 p.m., it may be a good idea to go from 3 hearty meals to 4 meals  a day. This method does not consist of eating twice as much, but of splitting your meals . For example, break down your breakfast into two parts (one part before going to work, the second around 10-11 am). Ditto for lunch and/or dinner: starter and main course on one side, fruit and dairy on the other (during snack time). Thus, your diet will consist of smaller meals, with the same caloric addition and the same distribution in terms of proteins, fats and carbohydrates during the day.

Faced with this change of pace, the body is lost, it shocks it and it unlocks weight stagnation most of the time. This will also help reduce the size of your stomach, and therefore reduce the risk of cravings in the long term.

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