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Daily exercise: be well in your body and in your head every day!


Jan 21, 2023
Daily exercise

Daily exercise to feel good about yourself

It is well known that exercising regularly is good for both body and mind. Many of us practice a sports activity every week, whatever the practice. Tennis, football, swimming pool, Pilates, yoga and many others are so many sports that allow physical development as well as a moment out of time. To feel good about yourself, there’s nothing like physical contact. This obviously requires a healthy lifestyle – good nutrition, a good rhythm of life and sleep – but also the motivation provided by a feeling of personal accomplishment. But how about practicing daily exercise?

For a beautiful body and good health

Exercising daily, rather than just weekly, allows you to see a faster change in muscles, joints, cardio… By practicing regular physical activity, your body will take shape more quickly and, gradually, the sessions will be less effort . In addition, some practices such as yoga at home are more effective when practiced daily, even if it involves shorter sessions. Beyond that, the practice of daily exercise will contribute to better health since it will help you maintain a healthier pace of life, especially in terms of sleep.

What daily exercise can you do?

Yoga is an ancestral practice that allows you to build muscle, relax and meditate. Thanks to yoga, you will be able to reach a level of relaxation and agreement with yourself which will help you to access an important level of well-being. Practiced on a weekly basis, yoga is beneficial, but it will have an even more beneficial effect if you do daily sessions. Indeed, since it is still based on a gentle practice, doing it every day will allow you to improve more quickly and maintain this feeling of relaxation and self-knowledge on a daily basis. From then on, you will be less prone to the vagaries of professional and personal life.

And for a quick muscle mass gain?

If your goal is to gain muscle mass quickly, or to lose weight, daily exercise will be your best ally. Indeed, it is not recommended to practice running every day since you run the risk of damaging your joints in the long term. Physical activities such as bodybuilding or fitness, on the other hand, allow fat loss and rapid muscle gain. We see it with methods currently in vogue, such as Calisthenics , that regular training allows you to benefit from a rapid progression curve. To take advantage of this kind of physical improvement, do not hesitate to call on a sports coach at home .who will be able to guide you on the daily exercises that are best suited to you according to your wishes.

The practice of a daily exercise to take care of yourself every day

For those who are already followers, you must have already realized the general beneficial effects associated with the practice of daily physical exercise. Indeed, beyond the physical improvement, the fact of doing a physical activity every day allows you to review your diet and your sleep cycle. Sport makes you hungry, that’s for sure, but the effort to take care of yourself through physical exercise has an impact on food. We tend to eat better and eat less, to pay more attention to the regularity of our meals and what constitutes them. Another benefit may be for smokers since the opening of the lungs that comes with daily exercise tends to discourage us from smoking cigarettes.

Daily exercise against insomnia?

It is true that at the end of a working day, it can be difficult to resolve to take out your dumbbells or your Pilates mat to start exercising. Nevertheless, for all those who suffer from insomnia, sport is an excellent solution to sleep problems. Physical activity tires the body, but it also allows you to free your mind from all the events of the day. During a yoga session, for example, you can start with a meditation exercise, aiming to think about something that is bothering you, whether it is an unpleasant or pleasant moment, or simply a mood. Your session will then consist of keeping this idea in mind to maintain it or abolish it from your mind. After that, the state of relaxation, well-being, serenity will allow you to sleep more easily for a good night’s rest.

The “7 minute workouts”: the trend of the moment

More and more organizations are developing what is called the “7 minute workout ” . Short and intense, these workouts are designed to get you pumping up your cardio, losing fat, and gaining muscle mass. They can also vary in time and intensity, allowing both beginners and experienced athletes to exercise. You can find these daily exercise routines all over the internet, although Pinterest is a veritable gold mine for the matter.

How do you make time for daily exercise?

And now, the answer to the question that many of us ask ourselves. How can you make time for daily exercise? In reality when we see the principle of “7 minute workout”, “12 minute workout or even “22 minute workout”, we can understand that practicing a daily sports activity is possible During the lunch break at the office, in the morning or in the evening before the shower, or simply on a small empty slot, with training sessions of such short duration, you will not be able to say that you do not have time to exert yourself. !

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